Welcome to the ZOOBASE website DATABASES gateway. This site was established in June 2004 following a meeting of representatives of several Australian institutions, concerned with the risks posed by captive exotic venomous animals.

The Databases gateway is still under construction. We anticipate it will be operational in August 2004.

The ZOOBASE website Database is designed to allow searchable and password-protected data entry in the following areas:

Institutions: Details for each participating institution

Contacts: Contact person details for each institution; multiple contacts possible for each institution

Snakes Held: Individual record for each venomous snake specimen held

Snakebite: Details about each species of snake currently listed in the database. Initially this will be all species currently held across all participating institutions.

Antivenoms: Listing of known available antivenoms, based on data from the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.

Antivenom Producers: Listing of details for each producer, based on data from the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website.

Antivenom Holdings: Listing of all exotic antivenoms held by or on behalf of participating institutions.

All database information is available to authorised users of this section of this site, with username and password required for access. Each institution has a specific username and password and can only modify database records relevant to that institution. To enter the database click on this link.

Each participating institution will be responsible for updating and maintaining integrity of data for their database records (Institution; Contacts; Snakes Held; Antivenom Holdings).


This information is provided by the Toxinology Department, Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Adelaide, Australia and is largely extracted and modified from the Clinical Toxinology Resources Website (www.toxinology.com).

The information provided on this site is provided in good faith, but neither the site coordinators, nor the participating institutions make any warranty in regard to accuracy or applicability of the information. Any person or institution using the information must do so at their own risk and on the condition that they cannot and will not hold any person or institution associated with this site liable for any harm resulting from use of this information.